Good times

Well as I said before it was going to be a while before I blogged again, but I thought I might as well make a new entry.

I am currently in highschool and most people would say that highschool was their worst times, but I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything else. My first year at highschool was difficult. My brother was a senior and I was a freshman. He was ASB VP and a wide receiver on the football team. Wherever he went he was adored by every teacher and student. I was the weird little freshman who didn’t make ASB and who sucked at running. All of my friends, who had come with me from a middle school with 60 8th graders to a highschool with 4,000 students, were in different classes and I never got to see them. In those first two weeks of school I felt so alone and so weird. Finally I met this girl in my biology class and my world seemed a bit brighter. She introduced me to her friends and now I have wonderful and supportive friends who helped me through my awkward freshman year.

Flash forward to my second year: my brother has graduated and given me so much help, I have made ASB, I am loved by a lot of teachers and I don’t have to do stupid P.E. anymore. I am so thankful that I wasn’t in ASB with my brother because everything he would experience I would too and I wouldn’t have been able to figure out what kind of leader I am on my own. My ASB team has become way more than friends. We are such a family and we continually lift eachother up. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and if I hadn’t gone through my awkward freshman year than I wouldn’t have gotten to the awesome point of where I am. No matter how alone you feel, no matter how much you feel like you don’t belong, no matter how sad you are about something that you didn’t get; there is always something wonderful waiting for you.

I struggle a lot with patience. I would much rather flash forward to a wonderful time when I’m all done with highschool and I’ve met the perfect Godly man; creating wedding plans and making a wonderful home, but I have to wait. I’ve learned time and time again that having patience is one of the most rewarding attributes. Have you ever been in line for something and had to wait a long time to get what you want and then halfway through you get out of line and suddenly the whole line gets the some awesome reward? Countless times I have been in the same line (metaphorically) and if I had just waited a little longer I would have had the thing I wanted. Because of this, I have learned that God rewards those who wait. Although I wish I had learned this fact sooner, I am so glad that I know it now and am trying to use patience more in my life. I can wait for my Prince Charming. I can wait for the experiences that await me, because I know that all Good Times come to those who wait.

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